Stark Raving Dad Episode #036

Here we are finally at season 3. I am really looking forward to watching this season again.

The episode begins with Lisa waking Bart up at 6.00 am to remind him that her birthday is in 2 days. She will be 8 years old “almost double digits.” Now this part has always piqued my curiosity…Bart advises his young sister to enjoy it while she can as “everything changes when you hit the big 1 0 implying that Bart is already 10 years of age. Now that’s interesting, in another season 3 episode entitled ‘Radio Bart’ Bart actually turns 10 years old. What?! I guess this scene can be interpreted another way but that’s what I perceived. Anyway moving on…

Homer is getting ready for work when he runs into the kitchen panic stricken that he can’t find a white shirt to wear only to be reassured by Marge that she had washed all his shirts. There seems to be a bit of a problem with them as Bart had thrown in his “lucky red cap” in with the white laundry. Marge informs Homer that no one is going to notice if you wear a pink shirt to work.

Unlucky for Homer someone did notice his pink shirt. Thanks to colour monitors installed at work they quickly point Homer out and he is apprehended and taken in for questioning. Apparently Homer isn’t taken seriously when he tells his boss the truth and he is somehow branded crazy and given a psychological questionnaire to take home and complete to see “just how crazy or “meshuggenah” someone is.

Not wanting to complete the form himself, he goes to every member of the household before Bart agrees to help out….with disastrous results. Since Bart had ticked “yes” to every question Homer is immediately taken to New Bedlam Asylum a mental hospital.

Undergoing an inkblot test Homer is quick to anger when he sees Bart in ink and stresses that “this isn’t fair. How can you tell whose sane and whose insane?”

The doctor is quick to reply by stamping Homer’s hand with the word INSANE stating that “whoever has that stamp on his hand is insane.”
I want that stamp! That would be so epic.

Now, I am not 100% sure and please correct me but I think Michael Jackson did provide a voice over for this episode but his name is not credited.

After a tour of the asylum, Homer wants to call his family but doesn’t feel comfortable doing so so “Michael” offers to call on his behalf. Shocked that Bart could possibly be speaking to one of his music idols he takes down Homer’s message and passes it on to his mother where she wastes no time in calling the hospital’s wrongly committed hotline before making the drive down there to plead her husband’s case that he is perfectly sane.

Upon realising that Homer had been telling the truth all along and Bart truly was at fault for his results his doctor releases him and gives him a NOT INSANE certificate to make up for their error. As a thank you for helping him through a tough time, Homer invites “Michael” to stay with him and his family for a few days.

Knowing that his idol is staying with them Bart rings Milhouse to brag and word quickly spreads which later turns into a riot for his blood when the town discovers that “Michael” isn’t the King of Pop after all. Lisa on the other hand, is feeling not only unappreciated but forgotten on her birthday and hopes that Bart remembered to get her a thoughtful gift. Sadly is let down by her big brother and writes a letter to him to inform Bart that they are brother and sister in name only. Ouch!

Wanting to mend their fractured relationship, “Michael” offers to help Bart write Lisa a song for her birthday. Even though he realises that the Micheal standing in front of him is not who he thought, he agrees. After a beautiful birthday song is sung to her, Lisa is over the moon and forgives her brother saying “this is the best birthday present I ever got!”

Just how did “Micheal” manage to get the piano up to the second floor to Lisa’s room on his own? I am assuming that he moved it on his own as I don’t think Bart would have the physical strength to help. On another note: Did any of you notice Homer sleeping with his certificate?

“Michael” takes this opportunity to reveal that he is in fact a bricklayer named Leon and reveals his story to the family before taking his leave.


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